Here We Are

Alright, It's official InstantBight is now up and running. I am just testing the free version of wordpress to see if it is sufficient for my uses. If it is, in due time I will upgrade to the "Pro" version, so that you can access InstantBight from a ".com" address. Also, full disclosure I might change my host for this blog to another company that a blog Minimally Minimal uses, purely for the aesthetics.


I am a eighth grade student at a public Middle School in a small town in Connecticut. I have a strong passion for technology, and design. Although these topics could possibly be perceived as opposites I believe they have a huge connection, and I mean HUGE! I really enjoy sharing my opinion, and I hope this blog can express that opinion simply.


I am an Apple fanatic. I have followed the company and stock very closely for the past years and have fallen in love with the corporation. I was devastated when Steve Jobs passed, and that (along with many other things...) has lead me to create this blog.


Thanks for tuning in I hope you like my blog. It's still in it's early stages but...yeah.

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