This is! Founded by David Silverman, this site is mainly dedicated to interviewing the best and brightest of the technology world. However, this site often veers from its intended purpose to discuss everything from basketball to rap music. Enjoy!

Here We Are

Alright, It's official InstantBight is now up and running. I am just testing the free version of wordpress to see if it is sufficient for my uses. If it is, in due time I will upgrade to the "Pro" version, so that you can access InstantBight from a ".com" address. Also, full disclosure I might change my host for this blog to another company that a blog Minimally Minimal uses, purely for the aesthetics.


I am a eighth grade student at a public Middle School in a small town in Connecticut. I have a strong passion for technology, and design. Although these topics could possibly be perceived as opposites I believe they have a huge connection, and I mean HUGE! I really enjoy sharing my opinion, and I hope this blog can express that opinion simply.


I am an Apple fanatic. I have followed the company and stock very closely for the past years and have fallen in love with the corporation. I was devastated when Steve Jobs passed, and that (along with many other things...) has lead me to create this blog.


Thanks for tuning in I hope you like my blog. It's still in it's early stages but...yeah.

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