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I got an iPod...

I have finally saved up enough money to buy an eight gigabyte, white iPod touch. This is the glory of Apple. They can get a kid to fall in love with a product. I am in love with my iPod. The iMessage app is amazing, and offers a great alternative to texting. FaceTime lives up to its standards. The camera (front and back) quality is not great but it does the job. From a space point of view 8 gigs just isn't enough. Earlier this summer I switched from an old Mac Mini to the newest version. During the switch I lost all of the music that I got from CDs. The 175 songs I had left barely fit on to the iPod along with the apps I had bought. The reason is that the new software (iOS 5) takes up around 2 gigabytes of space. So basically get 16 gigs. That will hold all of your music and still leave a considerably good amount of space for the plethora of apps you will want to have. Also just one last thing... get the white, it is so cool and the black is starting to look a little cheap in my opinion.

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