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My Dad got an iPhone...

My Dad, like myself, is a big fan of Apple products. he has had every model of iPhone and just a couple days ago, he purchased the 4S. Now, as consumers we know that the camera is better and the chip is faster and that they added this creepy talking lady called Siri. But once you hold this thing in your hand and use the camera, or use Siri, you can see and feel the magic in Apple products. Camera. The camera is outstanding, in someways I think this is the best camera on the market. Of course there are higher res. cameras for photographers but for an amateur who just wants great photos of friends, family, pets, etc. this is perfect. The actual camera has 8 MP. This basically means the pictures are great and now that iOS 5 allows you to access the camera app from the lock screen, this phone with a camera could really be called a camera with a phone.

Siri. Siri is one of those things that you don't think you will use but you end up using more than anything else in your life. This phone isn't even mine and I use Siri a lot. For me as a kid I can say that Siri is used more for pleasure then anything else. Asking the "lady in the iPhone" questions is one of my favorite activities. But for someone who really could use an assistant this feature is amazing. Making reminders, asking common knowledge questions, responding to texts, and using voice to text to write emails is seamless on the iPhone 4S. Sure Siri is beta so there are some silly things  it should be able to do but it can't i.e. make a new contact. But that doesn't matter because this is really just a glimpse into what is to come from Apple.

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