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Im WIRED In...

I can't say that Amazon owns the Internet, but that's not the point. This, what you are viewing, is the latest edition of WIRED magazine. This monthly periodical covers a wide range of topics (politics to wish lists). But as you might have assumed from the title, usually focuses on technology. From the first time I got my hands on one of these bad boys I loved it. I didn't even have to read any articles. The first thing you feel when you hold a WIRED is the quality of paper. The front and back cover have a "fine roughness" to them. This gives the reader a feeling of holding an iPad. Seriously, the resemblance is crazy. Once you get past the cover the quality of writing shines. Every article is so well written that even if you hate the topic you're reading about, you will probably continue to read. From a design and layout point of view the magazine is a good way. The vibrant colors and large pictures make you feel slightly childish while reading the magazine but if you are, like me, a child then this does not concern you. This is one of the few things I will tell you is just as good in paper as it is on a tablet. But even so, the WIRED app for iPad is a superb way of reading the magazine, and it's a little more interactive. One of the only down sides to this magazine is that it comes only once a month. Also you end up reading the whole thing, cover to cover, the day you get it so...yeah. This particular issue covered: tho holiday season's best gifts, a killer sweepstakes (I must admit I entered), how Jeff Bezos supposedly dominate the web, and last but certainly not least "The Revolution According to Steve Jobs". Great issue and great Jobs article.

Straight Forward -> YES

P.S I took the picture with my new iPod, you can see the quality is not bad.

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