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Minimally Minimal...

I have spent hours upon hours a day surfing the web looking for bloggers with like-minded views. I have found only a few, but I would like to share one with you (unintentional rhyme).  Minimally Minimal, by Andrew Kim, is one of the most amazing, inspiring, clean blogs I have ever read, looked at, or in this case...experienced. To be specific:


Andrew Kim, is a twenty year old design student from Seoul. He was raised in Vancouver but now lives in L.A. This guy has accomplished making a clean-cut, minimalist (hence the name), beautiful website. Everything seems as though it has just been sprayed with some cleaning agent and wiped down. To put it shines. The whole website, right down to the simple logo, screams Apple, which in my books is an amazing feat.


The topics that Andrew blogs about are some of my tope ten interests. He submits his own concepts but also, like me, reviews topics that he believes are the best in the buis. (short for business). His writing is simple, and attracts a variety of readers. Anyone from an eighth grader to a forty-year old entrepreneur.  I wonder how he gets his hands on all of the amazing products he reviews. Regardless, if you read his blog you won't be bored.

Cool Factor

This guy is pretty hip and fresh. And his designs are definitely not lacking that "wow" factor.

So there you have it... This is an amazing blog that really shows hard work and dedication. I hope that in a couple of years I can achieve the same things that Andrew has. Congrats!



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