Daring Fireball...

Finding a diamond in the rough is an arduous but (in the end) rewarding task. I have found a gem in the world wide web. I have shown you, Minimally Minimal, but now I must present to you... Daring Fireball by John Gruber. John Gruber, a famous  Apple and technology blogger and guru has created a  simple in design and content blog. The Daring Fireball shows the hard skill, of making simplicity look easy.


Looks great. That's how I can put it. The sight is a very crisp, mechanical gray, with the amazing, military like, logo int eh top left corner. Very sharp and clean cut.


I follow this sight religiously and the way Gruber editorializes articles instead of writing his own is ingenious. He gives short blurbs about a link that he has posted. This gives the reader a chance to read the article he is talking about with out having to read a page of text. I love the concept...very original.

Well done John. I am very impressed with your work. I hope that I can possibly achieve the status that you have in my lifetime.


ReviewDavid Silverman