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My Workspace...

This is where the magic happens, home base, HQ, the bat cave. This is my desk. The first thing I will address of course is...

The Mac:

Recently I have gotten the newest Mac Mini, beefed up with latest software and a lot of RAM. The thing is so fast I can't even attempt to explain. If anybody says that the Mac Mini is a joke product, I will hunt you down, and make you use one, only then will you believe. Anyways the computer itself is a masterpiece.  I also got a bluetooth keyboard and trackpad. The trackpad was only so I could experience the multi-touch gestures. From the design (which looks like the back of an iPad), to the size(insanely small), to the insane amounts of ports. Which brings me to my next point of....

The Dual Display Mac:

I owned the previous version of the Mac Mini, along with three other people in my house. We all had the old cinema displays and when everyone got new computers I opted to take the old displays. So as you can see... I have a dual display Mac Mini. The extended desktop allows for an amazing user experience. Everything is cleaner. Also for a student like me, the dual simply is insane for taking notes. I LOVE THIS COMPUTER!

WIRED Magazine:

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I got this BOSCA wallet for a birthday gift. I love this money holder. It has a full grain leather body but s a sort of vinyl pocket interior which makes it super durable. The outside is black and the inside is tan. There is a main cash pocket, 5 credit card spots(some concealed), and one sleeve for I.D.

iPhone 3GS:

Not anymore...I got this to use as an iPod touch after my dad took out the SIM card. It was an amazing experience and led me to but the white iPod. I highly recommend it.

Paul Sr. Bobble Head:

Anyone know Orange County Choppers? Best show ever... I will let their work speak for itself. OCC. PJD.

Well that's it...

I will update all of you with any changes!

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