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Sound Soup...

I had an idea a couple of days's something I was thinking of when riding the bus with my friends, back from school. I was trying to play a really great song I had got (Super Heavy by SuperHeavy) but the iPod speakers were failing me. I decided to try the old myth that if you cup your hands around a speaker, the sound will echo out and become louder. It was working (surprisingly) but the difference in volume was only marginal. Now you might see where I am going with this. What would happen if you created a product that simulated this method but with a greater outcome. In theory: a wireless, powerless speaker, or how I like to call it sound soup. (The speaker is  a "bowl" shape that makes a larger sound.)


It could be pretty simple...a hard, plastic "bowl" big enough to fit an iPhone, or iPod. (I thought fitting an iPad would be a stretch.) After that just add some vibrant colors, smack that logo (that I made on Pages) on the side, and you have a product. The product itself doesn't have to be to big so it can be portable and lightweight. To hold the device in place, there can be two collapsible clips that hold it at an adjustable angle and height.


It's a pretty basic design so after a few Google searches I found that a flat, hard surface (plastic)would be the best for reflecting sound with a "cone like" body to direct the sound. If you can imagine a cone, with a  flat base, that would cover the flat surface and "cone shape."

It's just an idea but hey that's all it takes right?

Please feel free to comment with any ideas, criticism or anything. (

Thanks a bunch, I will release sketches when I get around to it.


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