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The Jobs Orchard...

After a teacher of mine showed "The Crazy Ones" commercial to my class to express the outrageousness of the Declaration of Independence, I decided to write my opinion/review/thank you or whatever you would like to call it of Steve Jobs and the creation he has left.

To begin, after reading the biography by Walter Isaacson (the picture above is from the inside cover.) I understood the humble life that Steve came from. He started out like the rest of us: nothing special, no insanely well-off parents that could give him whatever he wished but rather a standard, real, beginning. To me, that is why the life of Steve Jobs is so amazing. This man believed he could make people fall in love with his creations (from a very young age I might add). He was, as he would later dub this class of people, a crazy one. He pushed the boundaries of what should, or should I say "shouldn't", be done.

Steve Jobs figured out  a way to engulf the world in the magic and luster of his products through simplicity. Even for the oldest of minds, a computer, specifically a Macintosh, could be decoded thanks to Steve. This simplicity allowed his products to shine while all he did was hold the light. As he once said, "simple can be harder than complex." This art form, mastered by Jobs, allowed him, to create a new world in his company.

Steve's inspiration lives on in many of us today. He has inspired me to blog, or attempt to. He has inspired countless others to follow their dreams and find the magic in their passion. As he once said, "your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life … Stay hungry. Stay foolish.” Jobs proved that growing up doesn't work for everybody.

I hope that Jobs lives on in the world, but even is he doesn't I know for as long as I live his light and inspiration will. Although he passed a while ago, I think we can all acknowledge the amazing "orchard" he left behind.



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