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An InstantBight Holiday Wish list...

It's that time of year again...(and as you can see instantbight is experiencing a heavy snow storm) With the air getting colder, and the prices getting lower it is certainly feeling like "that time of year".This is the time of year when wish lists, and presents are on everyone's mind. This season is a time of giving, and with low prices and amazing products, it is easy to give and even greater to get. I am Jewish and therefore don't celebrate Christmas, but this holiday season, I don't think religion really matters. When you feel the snow coming and see the days getting shorter, almost everybody could use a nice present. I have compiled my top 10, personal, wishes for the holidays into this list.

Number 10: Bicycles of Our Minds - 40$

With the passing of Steve Jobs many people, including myself were devastated, yet challenged to keep his words and beliefs alive. While looking for gifts for my holiday wish list, I happened upon this poster on Kickstarter. The piece is a graphic inspired by the Steve Jobs quote: "The computer is like a bicycle of your minds." The project is not up and running yet but if you donate 40$ and the project gets its funding, you will get a copy of the poster. I think it is a great cause and the product is just as amazing.

Number 9: Keep Your Teeth Clean Poster - 45$

I love having posters in my room. I was looking around for a nice one that has to do with teeth, (I just got braces) and I saw this poster. I think the graphic is really cool and I like the color scheme. This is a perfect gift for newly braced and/or your family dentist.

Number 8: MONO Civilian Die Cut Wallet - 50$

While searching the 100+ gifts under 100$ list on, I came across this wallet. It is very slim and sleek and has a soft grey outside. Check it out here.

Number 7: Panda Bamboo Sunglasses - 60$-100$

Sweet shades bro! That's what you're going to be hearing all day while wearing these bad boys that are eco-friendly and very stylish. This company is just getting off the ground but if you give them 60$ on Kickstarter then you can get a pair of these insane glasses. If you wait then they will be 100$ on their regular website.

Number 6: Keds Wool Anchor Chukka - 60$

I happen to be a huge fan of shoes and I love the style of these. The high-rise, boot style is exactly what I have been looking at buying. I like the wool outside, especially in grey and also I am a fan of the cushioned, almost flannel interior.

Number 5: AIAIAI Teenage Engineering Headphones - 82$

I have been craving a good pair of headphones lately. The standard, run of the mill, Apple ones are fine but I would enjoy having a pair that has a little more style. These in-ear headphones designed by AIAIAI are beautiful and deliver a high sound quality for a "low price." (Headphone these days are pretty overpriced.)

Number 4: Travel Light Trumpet Pro Pac Case - 120$

I love to play the trumpet. I started playing in fourth grade and have adored the instrument ever since. Recently, I received an antique C.G. Conn trumpet from my grandfather. I can't express how much I love the trumpet but the case that was given to me is falling apart. I have found a perfect, new case that is slim, and sleek like the trumpet. This Pro Pac case is lightweight and very well designed, it even comes in my favorite color purple.

Number 3: Nooka ZUB ZAYU GG Watch - 130$

I have a sleek, small, black, Swiss Army watch which I love. I wear this thing everywhere. The strap always wears away, and the stitching starts to come out. I have been looking for a watch with a silicon strap so that I don't have to worry about having it on my wrist throughout the day. This Nooka watch is perfect. I love the crazy design and the strap is exactly what I wanted.

Number 2: Nikon 1 Camera - 600$

Although they are pricy, I would love to receive a camera for the holidays. Taking pictures is a lot of fun, especially now that I can share them with all of you. I have been searching for cameras that deliver great photos, in a small package, and at a relatively low price. I have found the Nikon 1. I have to admit that I was drawn in by the cheesy TV ads, but either way, this is an extraordinary camera. It is small, high quality, and as far as cameras go cheap.

Number 1: AutoCAD for Mac - About 4,000$

Obviously this is not a gift, but if this is my WISH list then it shouldn't matter right? I want this program so that I can sketch and designate he concepts that I have been coming up with such as Sound Soup. (A little out of my league.)