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Camera indecision...

I have been meaning to buy a camera so that I can start taking some original pictures for As you might remember, the Nikon 1 was the camera of my choice on my holiday wish list but after much review and research I have come to the conclusion that it is not worth the price tag. So I again researched possible "cheap cameras" and have narrowed down my findings to three options. Keep in mind that I will be paying for any of these choices out of my own pocket so price does matter.

  1. GE Power Pro X500-BK - $140.00 on AmazonPrime

Alright, here we have the G.E. Power Pro. First of all I like the design. I think it is almost like my white iPod touch. In fact this camera does come in black, but I would get it in white. This device has 16 MP with a 16x optical zoom. I think that is very impressive for a camera of such a low (as far as cameras go) price. I really like this camera even though it is pretty large, but I think for the purposes it will be surfing it is fine. Overall, looks very good.

2.  Fujifilm FinePix S2950 - $144.00 on AmazonPrime

Wowzers. That's what I said when I saw this camera and then the price. The Fujifilm FinePix S2950. Very impressive. So this camera has 14 Mp, but also has a 18x wide-angle, optical zoom. I can't tell you that zoom is more important than MP but for my purposes it might be. This camera is a little (very little) cheaper than the other. It is also just as big. I'm not sure why, but this looks professional to me... Either way I like it.

3.  Nikon Coolpix S6200 - $140.00 on AmazonPrime

The last of the three...the Nikon. Now originally I wanted the Nikon 1 so after I decided it was out of my price range I turned to lower price Nikon cameras. I came across the Coolpix collection, and found this product. I like the fact that this camera is portable, and small, and that it still delivers 16 MP but the only problem for me is that the zoom on this particular camera is only 10x optical zoom. This is almost a knockout punch for this camera.

So there you have it. Three very qualified cameras and I don't know which one to pick. Please comment on this post with your choice to help me decide!



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