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Vers Headphones...

Just got some new headphones... Like I have told you, I have been looking for a new pair of headphones and after finding the PANDA sunglasses made out of sustainable bamboo, I was inspired to find more "wood" products. I like the look of wood but, I also think finding uses for sustainable materials in everyday life is important and one of the ways to start going "eco-friendly."

So here they are the Vers cherry wood headphones...

At first glance the box is minimalist (which I like). It displays the great look of the headphones and the green color shows how you, by using these headphones, are now"environmentally friendly."

After getting past the outer layer, you encounter the actual headphones case that comes with the headphones.

The design is very sleek. A very small container sporting the Vers name on the front. The metal (I think aluminum) is very thin so take caution or you will end up denting the case. I am not in love with the container, but that's not what's important right? What's important is the headphones.

First view when un-boxing...

As you can see these headphones are beautiful. The wood ends offer I very natural feel, and with three different types of wood you can choose your own style. The in-ear design makes the music you are listening to shine. Base, treble all that good stuff is very well-balanced and is very clear when using these headphones....If you look closely there are no "stems" not here like there are on the Apple headphones. Although small this feature is amazing. It allows the listener to have a little more freedom and also in my opinion it looks better.

In the end... to my friends at Vers good job, I love your headphones they work like a charm and look fantastic too!