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Casio CA53W-1 Twincept Databank Ani-Digi Resin Watch...

After I was given an 18$ gift code for the holidays I set out on a quest to find the best product on Amazon that was 18$ or under. I searched for cases for my iPod, possible clothing, but ended up looking through the watch section.

I had seen a Casio databank watch before in an Urban Outfitters and had loved the square, full-of-buttons, design. So after narrowing down my choices I  purchased this watch...

The Casio CA53W-1 Twincept Databank Ani-Digi Resin...

When first unboxing the watch you feel that you have bought something very complex and expensive...

Rather the watch is very easy to use and in fact is only 24.95$. I was able to purchase it for 15.08$ because I'm an AmazonPrime member.

As you can see the watch has a very small screen that displays the day of the week and the time. The "databank" at the bottom of the watch holds many different buttons that show the date, start and stop the stopwatch, and the coolest feature of the watch control the 8 digit calculator.  This watch is very simple to use and I think having a calculator on your wrist is more useful than many people think.

The watch is extremely light but still looks substantial on your wrist. It looks very vintage yet still cool.

I also own two Swiss Army Watches (one shown here, the other looks exactly the same but has a red ring around it instead of a black one).  I wanted a digital watch that I could wear anywhere and not worry about it. This watch fit that "job opportunity" perfectly. My past two watches also gave me rashes on my wrist from the nickel on the watch. I like the silicon strap that comes with the Casio.

After wearing this watch for a day I have to say that I absolutely love it. The only complaint I have is that I would like  it to do more. But in the end I truly love this watch and the best part is that it is so cheap that I can replace it very easily.

(I took the pictures with my mother's Nikon SLR camera)