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The Cortez Case...

Since September I have owned a pair of grey, Nike Cortez Nylon shoes. I have worn them almost every day.

As you can see they are pretty dirty...

Despite their current condition these are some of the most comfortable, solid, well made shoes I have ever owned.

The nylon upper, and rubber bottom (with waffle pattern) offers a very durable shoe.

The inside of the shoe is padded but nothing out of the ordinary. The lining is soft so that your feet never hurt after walking long distances.

Now, these shoes are some of my favorites (as I have made clear) but they are reaching the end of their life and I would like to replace them with another pair of Cortez shoes.

I was going to go the normal route. Zappos V.I.P. --> Cortez Shoes --> Size 9 --> Check out. But instead I searched in Google "Cortez Nike." And oh did I find something...

Pictured here (with a few changes by me) are photos courtesy of They show the Cortex Fly Motion, a shoe that was released in 2009. If you click here, you will find yourself at the homepage of this once Nike project. Right now you may be thinking, wow looks like a great shoe, what's the catch? Well the catch is that these shoes have been discontinued. I don't know why. I think that these shoes are fantastic. The fly wire side provides a light, durable, breathable frame, and the new bottom seems to have even more tread. I have already emailed Nike to ask why they were discontinued and I encourage you to do the same. Let's not let a classic shoe die.