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Bavarian Motor Works Pen?...

My Dad recently received a pen from BMW to thank him for using their cars for 'x' amount of time. After taking the pen and asking if I could have it he said yes. Despite the fact that the pen is completely unnecessary it happens to be extremely nice. Regular pens give me trouble...I don't like the way they write or the way they look. I much prefer a standard pencil.

But this pen is truly great...

It has a carbon fiber body, again unnecessary but extremely cool. It's heavy, which I like when I'm writing.

The pen has a cap that locks on tight to the tip. I like the cap. It is a little more secure than those pens that just slide the tip back into the body.

The cap can secure onto the back of the pen when it is not in use.

For lack of a better word, BMW is "etched" onto the cap. Very subtle but still noticeable.

I'm not sure how the pen will take to use but we will see.

This pen is completely flashy, unnecessary, improbable, yet all these reasons make me like it even more.

Golden Globes + writing with a super pen= a fun night.

[caption id="attachment_230" align="alignnone" width="1024" caption="INTRODUCING THE BMW LUXURY PEN LINE"][/caption]