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PANDA Bamboo Sunglasses...

So they have finally been delivered... My contribution to this company has helped them achieve their goal and finally, my award has arrived...

The case is pretty standard... soft, black, and sporting that cool PANDA logo. The material can also be used to clean lenses...

Draw string bag is perfect for on-the-go storage...not sure about how well it protects the shades though...

As you can see these glasses look great. I went with the "square" style, in the natural bamboo color.

The wood is a lot smoother and lighter than I anticipated. It seems very airy, and feels soft when wearing. I hope it can stand up to a lot of usage...I must say I am skeptical.

A nice detail of that PANDA logo. This is great to show to your friends so that they know that these are no ordinary sunglasses.

On the other side...another PANDA detail. I like the logo a lot and the actually panda bear is a good touch.

The frames have polarized lenses that offer maximum protection from the sun. (100% UVA/UVB protection) But these glasses are also special in that the frames are completely biodegradable and were made by hand.

Every pair of glasses has a flex hinge that allows the glasses to stretch, and flex to any size head. With your purchase of these glasses the PANDA team will provide one eye exam and a pair of prescription glasses for someone in need.

I really like this product, for it's looks and for the values it stands for. This company is just getting off the ground so they could use all the help they can get. So purchase your pair today...

Visit their website at

Congrats to the PANDA team on a  job well done!