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One Or Two...

Recently Amazon has been advertising their line of Kindles... Watch the video and then continue reading...


So here is my question...

In the advertisement, the Amazon people are trying to show you that they have a product that you can use to read in sunlight, but if you want to watch movies, browse the web, and use apps you have to buy another product.


Well the ad does combat this two product problem by saying it still costs less than "other products" i.e. iPad. While this is true if I was in the position to buy a tablet and/or e-reader I would wait the extra one or two paychecks to get an iPad rather than be stuck buying two products.

And for all of you "can't read in sunlight" people out there... suit yourself... when I want to read I will find some shade.

I think the reason Apple does not come out with their own aggressive ad towards Kindle is that they don't need to. That's the fact, plain and simple. Apple is in a position to let the consumer decide and as I expressed in my earlier post, the consumer has been choosing iPad more often than not.

To conclude... Amazon, and Jeff Bezos, I love your company but if I were you I would reconsider what you are trying to accomplish with these advertisements. But that's me.