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Kindle Fire and Stewart's...

Today my good friend came over. He is a very cool guy and happens to edit a lot of my posts, and on top of that has a product I have wanted to review for a long time. So here it goes the Kindle Fire!

At first glance the Fire is dashing and looks like a "butler" tablet.

As you can see the Kindle Fire is black, and rectangular. Unlike the iPad it is less rounded and more "hard." But it does have a rubber back to offer some grip.

As you can see it does look good...but it doesn't have the same clean feel of the iPad...if you know what I mean.

Sorry for the blur but as you can see it is pretty thin...not as thin as the iPad. Good root beer shot...

The software...

It is Android so it does have that feel...but I do like the shelf template...

In the end this product isn't my favorite...but I don't mind it. It doesn't even compare to the iPad so it doesn't worry me at all.

To Amazon, good work!

To Apple, great work, your still on top, and  by tomorrow March 7th with the release of the iPad 3 you will be floating on iCloud 9!


P.S. Stewart's Root Beer is "top dog" in my mind.

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