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The Beginning of the End...

March 7th was the day. And like the world predicted Apple released the highly coveted iPad...(seen here functioning as a mobile hotspot)

Yes the iPad, not iPad 3, not the iPad HD, just plain, simple, and like we all know...resolutionary. This change away from numbers and the (i) model, is smart in my opinion. It is going a fresh feel to Apple, and at the same time giving them more space for creativity and growth. Also, I believe that you could see products being more custom , and personal to the buyer, and therefore a number to put on it would be unnecessary.

This release is really the beginning of the end for Apple's so-called competitors...

In my opinion, this iPad is really the K.O. punch. To begin...many competitors with Apple have been calling them out on price. Well now, for the stubborn people out there who think 499$ is too much for a product of this caliber, there is an amazing iPad that is only 399$. If that can't satisfy the "haters" I don't know what will. I would happily take an iPad 2.

Second, apparently, according to bloggers who had the chance to hold the New iPad, it is nothing like anybody has ever seen before. The screen is definitely "revolutionary." On a side note...there has been many posts that have bashed Apple, and more specifically Tim Cook, for this play on words. It is apparently not the Apple way. I think Matt Thomas put it well on his blog with the post: Something's Unraveling Alright. Check it out here. My response is this...the Apple way is the Apple way. Tim Cook is the new Apple way and even if Steve Jobs hadn't done the same exact thing, it would be the Apple way. Andrew Kim, another blogger, touches on the topic of respect and the respect Apple has gained in this post.

Third, voice to text...that means that Siri is not far behind. That can tell us one more thing. I think that with the release of Mountain Lion (new Mac OS that integrates iOS and the Mac OS even tighter) and the voice to text on the new iPad that Siri will be on all products, including the Mac very soon, possibly in the next year.

Fourth, the update to Apple TV and the 1080p resolution, I think a complete TV takeover is not far off. Currently every iPad sold can become another TV in a household, so why not make the first(primary) TV, one made by Apple?

Fifth, on another topic...after watching the full Keynote, I can honestly say that Apple is the strongest it has ever been and is getting more powerful, and more solid day by day. The team that Tim Cook has at his disposal is the most talented and capable in the entire world. From Jonathan Ive, the most talented designer ever, to Tim Cook himself, a genius, and operations wizard. This Apple family is tightly knit, and 'young" in terms of what it can and will achieve. As an investor I'm very confident in this company.

So to conclude...Android, Amazon, and all you other Apple wannabes, keep trying, good luck, I want you to succeed, it would be great for me as a consumer. But until you have a product line that can interest, and engross, the world like Apple does, you are still in second place. When you get there give me a call.


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