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The Future Apple...

While on a trip to Montreal I had the chance to observe the wild Apple if you that I mean the uses of Apple products in the real world, and the number of them in comparison to  alternative technology products...

Pictured here is what I saw on the plane ride to Montreal. I found a businessman with an Android phone, pull out his new iPad (3rd Generation) and begin to play a movie.

I also found that on the McGill(considered to be the "Harvard" of Canada") campus the Mac to PC ratio is probably 60 - 40, Mac - PC. This tells me two things...

1. Apple has a little bit to go to get to more than a quarter of the PC market,

2. This landmark of having over a quarter share is very close because when young people are using your products it means you have a strong control over the future population and "new people," and with babies being born every minute, 255 to be exact, you are in control of the future world, and with that power you can be unstoppable.

Apple has been growing at a rate that is outstanding...

This past quarter's results had a 26% growth in Mac units (in comparison to the PC market growth of only 10%)...this just shows how the world is changing

Now I am not discounting the power of the iPad and iPhone for the growth of Apple but I think the mistake many people are making is to discount the power of the mac. I think that with the constant and large upgrades to the Mac OS and the actual hardware the Mac is a large force to reckoned with and will still drive growth in the Apple Corp.

Mac, I'm still behind you, and ready for great things.