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Enough is Enough...

Recently while searching in Google I saw that they had added a new feature. It is called GooglePlay. What GooglePlay is I do not know but the one thing that I know and have researched is that google has upwards of 125 products that it offers. Now these services range from search, to mail, to maps, to Android, to the more unknown ones like GoogleBody and Panoramio. Now, the fact is that, simply put, this is too many. Enough is enough. If Google believes that they can clearly provide and service all of the products to the "high standard" they hold themselves to, they are kidding themselves.

Also, Google's motto "don't be evil" is exactly what they're doing by stretching their "tentacles" into everything and anything they can.

My opinion is as follows...I think that Google has products that they should keep and invest time in.

I can also list them on both of my hands...

  1. Search(images)
  2. Mail
  3. "Office" Suite (Docs etc.)
  4. Maps
  5. Translate
  6. Youtube
  7. Calendar

That is seven things that I think they do well. Now the other 118? I don't know. I think if you can narrow your company down to a focus of seven outstanding products that is an achievement way beyond having seven that are good and upwards of 108 that are below par.

But that's just me. Tell me what you think at

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