This is! Founded by David Silverman, this site is mainly dedicated to interviewing the best and brightest of the technology world. However, this site often veers from its intended purpose to discuss everything from basketball to rap music. Enjoy!


I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference. - Robert Frost

I always try to live by the Apple/Steve Jobs/Tim Cook standard of "thinking different."

I have been looking for a medium to express my every day thoughts and finds that is easier and less formal than my blog. Don't get me wrong, this website is my baby. But I wanted to find a cooler more fun way to talk to all of you. Now Facebook and Twitter are of limits for certain reasons, so after looking at an ad on Daring Fireball, I have found a fun app-based journal.

The app looks great. It is so simple to use and you feel good when adding posts. It's hard to explain. So don't listen to me just get it!

The interface is very friendly and attractive. The plus sign reveals...

A whole slew of possible posts "themes" from images, to location, to even sleep based posts. I usually stick to text or images!

After choosing your theme and picking your "media" Path will direct you to the editing side of the app so that you may edit tour text and then publish your post on your path and other social media sites.

I really like Path so please make your own and subscribe to my path so that you can keep up with me...instantbight.