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Hello readers, I just wanted to shoot off a quick post.

First of all, I have just read the article in the New York Times about the highest salaries for CEOs in the world, and how Tim Cook is at the top of that list.

To me this means nothing. If by this the Times wants to make me feel bad about being an Apple investor or about liking the company they have failed. To me the fact that Tim Cook was seen looking like this...

Shows me the type of guy that he is. The type of guy that marvels at his products and work. This is the type of guy I admire, not because he is rich but because he is the man that takes the most pride in his work.

On a separate note...

Remember my recent post Fluent...?

Well I have been in contact with one of the heads of Fluent, Cameron Adams, one of the founders of Fluent.

Cameron has agreed to answer some of my questions for an interview on

I am super physched and can't wait for his email reply...

If you are reading this Cameron please write me back!


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