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Just Browsing...

It is now vacation for me and I have been spending some time browsing on the internet. I have stumbled across many awesome things and sites that I would like to share with all of you. To begin...

Like I said before in my post about the Debut Theme I am using, it is designed by a division of CELTIC7 Studios, called Press 75.

The designers at this company are truly amazing, and really talented. The one that designed Debut is Luke McDonald. He is a really great designer and a good guy as well. I have been in contact with him and he is hopefully going to answer some questions for instantbight.

Secondly we have 5 by 5.

I have known about 5 by 5 for while now but am still impressed by it on a daily basis. My favorite show is the Talk Show. It features Dan Benjamin and John Gruber, of Daring Fireball, as the hosts. They discuss a wide range of topics but focus on Apple, which for me  is perfect. My second favorite show is Critical Path, which features Dan Benjamin, and Horace Dediu, of Asymco. Both of these shows are always interesting and can keep even my eighth grade attention span glued to my speakers.

Third, I came across Riot.

This group of guys are all talented designers in their own right. Elliott is great on the web, Red is a dream with iOS devices, and Hector is a wiz with apps, and web experiences. These guys make a great team and have done some extraordinary work in my opinion. Take a look.

Lastly another great WordPress theme creator is Premium Pixels. This site has a lot of contributors and a lot of content there are many themes to choose from with a lot of focuses. Also almost weekly they give out a free PSD give away if you are on their email list. Really cool!

Maybe I will do this every month or so...