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Trade Offs...

A couple of days ago I was looking at my mom's Kindle side by side with my dad's iPad. I was thinking about the whole...

(No glare, even in bright sunlight)

The argument is to buy a Kindle instead of an iPad, because you can read it in direct sunlight.

But what happens when you need to read in bed. Their E-Ink display is useless because it has no backlight that allows them to read in the dark. Unlike the Kindle, the iPad can be read in bed.

If you ask Amazon what to do when you have to read your Kindle in the dark they would say to use a flashlight or a case with a reading light. So therefore with the help of an accessory the problem with the Kindle is over.

So in my opinion it is only fair to let iPad users defend their product with an accessory.

So here you go... the iHat for when you need to read from your iPad in the sun.

Although I am joking I think that this shows a legitimate case that the Kindle is still second to the iPad in more ways than one, and while you can read the Kindle in sunlight the E-Ink display sacrifices a lot of useful features in my opinion.