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Interview with Philip Elmer-DeWitt...

Hi readers! I have to say that I feel like one of the luckiest eighth graders on the planet. I have been graced with an interview from Philip Elmer-DeWitt, who is a very famous tech writer. Here is a link to his blog...boom. This interview along with the previous one with Luke McDonald, is part of a new side of It is called...

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The interview is below, hope you enjoy!

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Q. How did you get involved with writing about Apple?
A. I was a reporter-researcher Time Magazine in 1982 when I got my big break: The magazine needed someone to write about personal computers -- they were a hot story that year -- and I was the only staffer with any computer experience (I had worked summers after high school testing a new programming language called Logo.) The magazine let me buy an Apple II and I started covering every computer event I could get to -- including the day Steve Jobs introduced reporters to the Lisa at the Carlyle Hotel in Manhattan. Nearly 30 years later I was in San Francisco trying to help save a small Time Inc. magazine called Business 2.0, where every staffer was required to blog about something. I chose Apple and the site just took off. Within 18 months I had quit the magazine business and was blogging full-time. 
Q. If you could give two pieces of advice to Tim Cook what would they be?
A.The same advice Steve Jobs gave him: Don't try to guess what Steve would do. Do what you know is right for the company you and he and the rest of the management team created. 
Q. If you could say one thing to yourself as a 15-year-old what would it be?
A. Great question. That's hard for me to say because I was a pretty miserable 15-year-old. Maybe all 15-year-olds are miserable. But I wish someone had said to me: You're at the start of a long journey trying to figure out what you are good at and what it is you love to do. You should be realistic. Not many people get to be rock gods or professional basketball players or bestselling authors. But that doesn't mean you should stop practicing the guitar, shooting hoops or writing stories. I was nearly 30 years old before I took the leap and tried to make a living as a writer. I wrote some pretty crappy stuff when I started. Maybe it wouldn't have been so awful if I'd started working on my craft 15 years earlier.
Q. What computer do you use and why?
A. I work mostly on a MacBook Pro with a Wi-Fi connection because I like to compose in a comfortable armchair or (when the weather is good) in our leafy back yard. It sits comfortably on my lap -- until it gets too hot. Then I switch to the iPad that I use for more leisurely reading and browsing. I also have a Mac Mini hooked to a projector for watching video stuff. 
Q. If you were an animal what would it be and why?
A. A dog. Loyal, friendly, easily pleased. Their needs are simple and their love unconditional. 
I would like to again, express my extreme gratitude to Mr. Elmer-DeWitt for his time. Folks, this is a great man! I would recommend you read his things they are truly spectacular!