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Recently, Google, a company well-known for their search, and less known for many other things they do...announced that they would be splitting their stock. So basically what we have is this...

This means that for every one share of stock I have, I get two, but the two are at a lower price, half of my original one share. To the average guy like me, when I heard this, I thought so what? Google is just making more shares, the value is basically the same. But oh was I wrong. In reality there is another part of the picture above. This part...

Now pictured here is a split GOOG stock, but at the top is Larry Page, and Sergey Brin, safe and sound, wearing crowns. I made this picture to show the dark motive for splitting the Google stock. These "new" shares that are being created are a new class, a "C-class" is what they are calling them. This means that the new share being given does not entitle you to voting power as a share holder. Just the price of the stock.

Basically this means that over time the power to control Google will be, even more, stuffed into the pockets of these two men.

This leads me to think that Google is going to remake their slogan. Usually it is "don't be evil" but now it might be...

Now I am using a hyperbole(love that word) in some ways, I do admit it. And I really admire both Sergey and Larry because they are arguably on the top ten list of some of the greatest men on earth in my mind.

But throughout this stock split, I see something that I never thought I would see out of the leaders of Google. That is fear. I think that these men are afraid right now, and this is a scramble of sorts to have a little comfort. Now I can put myself in the shoes of Page and Brin. When I try to feel what they are experiencing I feel fear as well. I feel stressed from too much going on, and I feel as though I am straying from my real life goal.

Like I have said in previous posts...if Google stuck to search and the other few products that people love and they kept to themselves and did great work, everyone would be on their side, including their share holders. But this new move is not attractive to me, and I don't think to many people. I hope they may reconsider.


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