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Interview with Hunter Lyon...

Hello everybody! This is another installment of...

Today's interview is with Hunter Lyon! Hunter Lyon is an up and coming video maker/producer/director. He has made music videos for artists like Ahmir, and Timeflies.

He is an extremely talented kid and I really like his story because he is really a kid, he has accomplished so much in so little time. So here it is the five question interview with Hunter!

Q. What was your first film/video?

A. My first music video was for a friend of mine named Alex Mitchell, who is a rapper from my high school. I had never made a music video before that and he asked me if I would try it out cause he had seen some of my other little short videos I had made with friends for fun.

Q. What do you consider to be your biggest accomplishment?

A. I'm not honestly sure what my biggest accomplishment has been so far! My "Perfect" video by YouTube's #1 R&B Group AHMIR reached 1 million views in these past few months, that was pretty awesome. It has such a positive message and it's touched the hearts of many people, which is just amazing. I had my video "Daydream" by Split Second on which is MTV University, a branch of MTV where up and coming artists get a chance to get some exposure. So people voted for a week against 4 other videos and the winner got their video premiered on MTV in the music video rotation. We didn't win but it was still really exciting to have it on

Q. What type of camera do you use?

A. I use a Canon T2i, it's not the best but it gets the job done!

Q. Who/What is your favorite music group?

A. My favorite artist is a singer from Toronto named The Weeknd. I also really like Drake, as well as Frank Ocean. As for artists that I work with, I really like Jitta On The Track, JayR, Tarik, Timeflies and Hendersin. 

Q. If you could talk to any person ever, who would it be and what would you ask them?

A. I'm not sure who I would meet and what I would ask them!! There has been so many influential people in my life that I would like to meet just because I've looked up to them, such as Colin Tilley, Alex Nazari, etc but I'm not sure what I'd say to them.

How great was that? I would really consider checking Hunter's stuff out. This kid is going places, and I am happy I got to know him!

Thanks Hunter Lyon! instantbight