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Interview with Horace Dediu...

I can't comprehend the luck I am having. Today's interview is with one of, in my opinion, the greatest minds on the internet.

Horace Dediu creator of Asymconf, blogger on Asymco, and podcast host on The Critical Path, is a truly accomplished man. His style of writing and outstanding knowledge has led him to having one of the most widely read tech blogs. It is an honor to have been able to interview him. Please enjoy.

Q. When/Why did you start Asymco?

AAsymco started in February 2010. It was originally planned as an app development company with a blog as marketing material for the web site. As it turns out the blog proved more valuable than the app development so I chose to focus on writing which has led to new ways of learning and new opportunities.

Q. Why Apple as your focus point?

A. Apple makes for great narrative when trying to illustrate business theory. It is an example that many people can relate to and is not abstract or irrelevant in the present time period. You don't have to work at explaining what Apple is, and can focus on how and why it works. It is a learning tool with which we can look at other companies and industries and various aspects of business and management theory.

Q. If you could say two things to Steve Jobs what would you say?

A. These are for any Apple management (present or past). Does Apple perform periodic self-analysis and does Apple understand what makes Apple good? In other words, is Apple self-aware? Does Apple have specific processes in place to learn from experience or does it, like every other company, systematically destroy all knowledge of what works and what doesn't?

Q. If you could rule the entire world for one day, what would you do?

A. Ensure that there is no way for any one person to rule the world and thus remove myself from the role.

Q. How long, do you think, until Apple get's knocked off its high horse and why will this occur?

A. I'm not sure what you mean by being on a high horse. I define success as a consistently growing business. Historically that's been very difficult to achieve for more than a decade for any company. Some companies manage multiple growth phases if they re-define themselves. Apple has done this twice so far. If they have the right answers to the questions I answered to your third question then chances are that they will re-define themselves again and continue to prosper. If, on the other hand, they don't have good answers to my questions then they will follow the path of every other company that faded and may do so within five years.

I hope you liked that, as much as I did. It was a dream come true to be able to talk(email) with Mr. Dediu. I have been reading his blog for so long and I really encourage all you to do the same.