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Interview with Matt Thomas...

One more time! Today on we have another interview! I really like doing these things so if you don't like them, your out of luck.

This interview is with Matt Thomas, a well-known blogger. Matt caught my eye when I read his "Something's Unraveling Alright" post after it was linked to on Daring Fireball.

I was amazed by the post and the connections he made. Once the time came to find some interviews I contacted him and he was kind enough to oblige to my requests.

Q. How did you first get involved with blogging and why?

A. I started my first website back in 1995, when I was in high school. My address was about 50 characters long and included a tilde, which was impossible to describe over the phone! There was also no Google, so it took a lot of dedication to find and remember a good website. I used the site to post random weird things, funny pictures, stories I wanted to share with friends back home. After I graduated from college I learned about content management systems and got my start with Textpattern. I'd only used WordPress a few times when I got started with Automattic, but I made up for lost time pretty fast. :)

Q. How did you feel when your blog got onto Daring Fireball?

A. It was pretty cool! I found out from Twitter before I saw it on the site myself, actually. Gruber's the king of tearing down dumb arguments with simple presentations of fact, so I was honored that he enjoyed the post.

It wasn't my first time being linked, actually -- a couple of years ago John linked to my review of Shaun Inman's Mint, and he called my site design "pretty nifty." That was a really big day for me. :)

Q. What type of computer do you use and why?

A. I use a 27" iMac and a 13" MacBook Air. I use the iMac because I like having a big screen and tons of RAM for everyday stuff, and the Air because I don't like having to carry anything bigger when I travel.

Q. What is your favorite food?

A. Ooh, good question. My favorite thing to have for dinner is probably sushi, but my favorite food in the world? Pancakes!

Q. If you could say one thing to Tim Cook what would it be?

A. I have to cheat here and list two things. First: "Keep up the good work." And second: "War Eagle!"

Big thanks to Matt! He never disappoints in my mind. Check out his blog and Automattic, they are both wonderful feats. I really appreciate the time this guy put into the interview and the fact that he put smiley faces at the end of some answers! :)