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Interview with Luke Beard...

The interviews just keep coming. If there is anyone who wants to be interviewed, don't be shy, give me an email at or give me a tweet at @instantbight. I search the internet for people that I would like to interview but I can't find everyone! But in other news...tonight on Insta5 we have a great interview... With Luke Beard!!! Luke is an ex Zerply designer, and a wizard with all things web. This guy is truly talented, and I feel honored to have had the opportunity to interview him. Here it is...

Q. How did you get involved with web design?

A. There was a small section about web design when I was in college. I was hooked then. I taught myself HTML/CSS and built a few sites for friends and it just snowballed from then really.

Q. How was your experience at Zerply?

A. Life changing. I was not fully aware of "start up culture" before my time with them and it did truly change my perspective on how and why I do what I do.

Q. Currently what are you up to?

A. Just fishing off design my first iPad app "Skimn", building some great WordPress stuff with Themezilla and a few other cool things.

Q. What computer do you use?

A. 17" early 2011 MacBook pro and a recently purchased Thunderbolt display.

Q. What is your favorite food?

A. I'm a fatty so pretty much everything. My girlfriend makes some mean veggie fajitas though.

Thanks Luke! I really appreciate your commitment. I can't wait for the debut of Themezilla. It is going to be great. Everyone check it out. Thanks, instantbight