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Stay pure Mozilla...

So we all know what Mozilla is... If you don't have any clue, read this.

Mozilla is a non-profit organization with their own suite of internet stuff. They have products like a calendar app, e-mail, and the most common, a browser, which is known as Firefox. The organization is committed to "keeping the power of the Web in people’s hands."

In my opinion this is a pretty nice group. They have products that work well, Firefox in particular is a great browsing experience, and I have tried out Thunderbird(email) too, and it's not half bad. Plus all of their little logos are cute.

This is a screen shot of their current products...

As you can see they have six, maybe even five products, if you want to count the two Firefoxes as one. To me, that makes sense. This number of applications means, that Firefox has control of their company. They are not too spread out.

But then this morning, after drinking my cup of coffee(I know it's bad for kids, but I like it.) I read this tweet from @asymco, and realized something...!/asymco/status/193324000347299842

(Now I clicked on the link he tweeted, and read the article and in short it said that...)


Now really it said that the Mozilla is creating a software called B2G or Boot to Gecko (fancy name). This operating system is based on Lynux and is very open to the user.To me this seemed like a threat to Apple. But then I realized that another "open" software is not going against Apple.

Think about it like this.

When Android first came out, for about a week, it fell into this group.

But Android felt lonely, so it joined a group with more people in it.

After a while many other companies in this group got annoyed with Android. So they stayed in the "Groups who want to annoy Apple," but made another group that they all joined called...

Now if you are still following me...

In the future Mozilla's B2G will be joining the OS war. They will have to join a group. The article said, "B2G aims to be an open rival to Google's Android." To me this means that the group B2G will be joining first, and hopefully forever is "Groups who want to annoy Android."(I think I am going to make a t-shirt for that group, anyone want one?)

So in the end, as an Apple follower, I see a bright future for B2G. I don't see it becoming a nuisance for Apple, in fact I think it might drive sales up because of the damage it could do to Android. I really do hope I am right.