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Interview with Conor O'Driscoll...

Welcome back. I am super excited for today's interview on...

Today's interview is with Conor O'Driscoll. Conor is a very talented designer. He has his own website called 1 Minute With, where he interviews some of the best designers in the world. If you think I have gotten some great interviews, think again. Conor has gotten some sweet gigs. So here it is, the insta5 interview with Conor.

Q. When/How/Why did you start 1 Minute With?

A. I started One Minute With in August of last year, mainly out of necessity. Okay, maybe not necessity, but certainly desire. I was following all these awesome designers on Dribble and Twitter, and realised that I knew nothing about them as people, only as designers. There were interviews out there, but they were scattered across the web, and often felt horribly impersonal. I wanted to make a site that I would enjoy running, the interviewees would enjoy participating in, and the readers would enjoy reading. I'm hoping that I've achieved that.

With regards to "How", I've been incredibly lucky with regards to who has agreed to do an interview with me. Before the site even launched, and they had no idea what it'd be like, I got interviews with awesome designers, including Tyler Galpin and Claire Coullon, some of my absolute favourite designers. I think that this shows, better than anything else, how amazing the design community is. If I had been in the, I dunno, midwife niche, I somehow doubt I would have gotten the same great response. But I'm more than happy to be proved wrong :)
Q. Where/When did you start designing?
A. I'm actually pretty new to the whole design thing - I've been doing it for maybe 1 or 2 years.. Before then, I did animation though, so I guess that kinda gave me a bit of practise before I hit the big bad world of graphic design. I actually started, believe it or not, on 99Designs (Don't hate me, please!), doing the odd logo when it appealed to me. Once I realised that I could actually make money from this, and that people sorta liked what I was doing, I started to get properly involved in the scene, creating a (now defunct) design blog called Inspiration Overload, and just getting my name out there. Continuing with the theme of the design community being awesome, I made a lot of friends in design pretty quickly, which is always a huge help. I won't claim that I've had some meteoric rise to fame (especially because I am nowhere near fame anyway!), but just by persisting, and doing awesome stuff, you can go surprisingly far.
Q. If you could interview one person in the world, who would it be and why?
A. Hmm, tough question… If you had asked that question a year ago, I would have answered Steve Jobs, straight away. Done. But since Steve's no longer with us, I'm given something of a conundrum…

I'd love to talk to Mike Monteiro, who is an awesome designer, but a scary guy, and I reckon he'd bite my head off in a second. On a similar note, Erik Spiekermann, the man behind fonts such as Unit and Meta, is a massive inspiration to me, but, like Monteiro, I would just melt under the intense stare of an angry German like him.
But if we step outside of the design and tech fields for a second, I think there's only option. Rick Astley. I mean, who wouldn't want to interview him?
Q. If I gave you one million dollars what would you buy first?
A. Whilst I desperately resist the urge to quote Barenaked Ladies(band), I guess I would buy a house, like any sane person. But since that's a boring answer, I'd buy an ARMY OF BEARS. Maybe that's too weird. Actually, what I'd love to do, if I had the money and the time and the resources, it to just travel around the backend of America, picking up the awesome junk that everyone has in their garages - Old cans with handcrafted designs that nobody sees anymore, weird signs from the 50s with stunning type, etc. I love that kinda stuff. Alternatively, I could save myself the time and just trawl Etsy instead and get the exact same stuff.
Conor was a pleasure to interview and I encourage you to visit his site. I would love to be involved with One Minute With if I ever got the chance, it is certainly worth reading.
Thanks Conor,