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Interview with Isaiah Smallman...

Once again we have a stimulating interview from...

Today's interview is with a Isaiah Smallman, who is an owner of on of the coolest companies ever! Fancy Rhino, is an organization that specializes in making films and videos for companies, groups or anybody that wants a top-notch product. Their work is really amazing! Here is a short video they made, that explains why you should choose Fancy Rhino...

[vimeo w=400&h=300]

But now I would like to present an interview with Isaiah Smallman...

Q. How, and Why was Fancy Rhino founded?
A. In a lot of ways we founded Fancy Rhino because of two things. First, we knew we wanted to tell stories sometimes for businesses, sometimes for individuals. Sometimes for the purpose of creating art and sometimes for the purpose of selling products. Next, we saw a need and we saw a chance to fill that need with our desire (to tell stories).
Q. What programs do you use to make your amazing videos?
A. We use a combination of Apple's Final Cut Pro 7 and X, Adobe's After Effects, Illustrator and Photoshop, Davinci Resolve(for color correction), and Cinema 4D.
Q. What is the process of making a video and how long does this take?
A. First we listen to the client. Who are they. What do they do? And most importantly, why do they do it? Then we brainstorm, create a proposal, write a script, make a storyboard, shoot and or design the media, edit, color correct, commission a sound track (and voice over if necessary), send a draft, take revisions, implement those revisions, take more revisions, implement those and then hopefully send it off for the last time.  
*Here is another video made by the FR team about the process by which their videos are created (as Isaiah just explained.)
[vimeo w=500&h=281]
Q. If you were the president what would your first matter of business be?
A. The President of the united states? I would tell everyone to stop worrying so much about regular income tax and encourage people to increase the rate of Capital gains income tax. Then I would try to figure out how to get us out of these wars in the quickest, and least damaging way. Also, I'd tell the state governments to stop kicking churches out of public school buildings on Sundays. Why shouldn't they be allowed to worship there when no one else is using the building? 
Q. What can we expect from Fancy Rhino in the future?
A. It's hard to say what to expect because we could take so many forms. But I know for a fact that regardless of what kind of work we keep making, it will always be excellent and story centered.
Pretty "fancy" huh? I hope all of you enjoyed that! I really like the stuff this company is putting out. I hope in the future I will either have the opportunity to employ them or work alongside them.
Thanks Isaiah,
ReviewDavid Silverman