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Interview with Cameron Adams...

Today we have an interview with Cameron Adams...

Cameron is a founder of Fluent. Fluent is an overlay of sorts for Gmail that completely restructures the format and layout. It is truly a marvelous product, and the coolest part in my opinion, is that it was created by three ex Google employees.

So here we go...

Q. For how long did you work at Google and why did you end up leaving?

A. I worked at Google for about 3.5 years, mainly on the Google Wave project, which was a new collaboration tool started by the guys that created Google Maps. I was the designer for that project and helped prototype new features, design the interface, the interactions and the overall experience. I'm a fairly independent person so I ended up leaving Google because I was quite keen to run my own business.

Q. Why did you choose to start a product that worked with your "ex" employer?

A. Fluent currently works with Gmail just as a matter of expediency. It's a little easier to integrate with Gmail than other services, but we're looking to expand to other mail services later in the year.

Q. How long has the development process for Fluent been?

A. So far Fluent has been under development for 10 months.

Q. How did you meet your Fluent work partners?

A. The three of us that currently work on Fluent all met during Google Wave. We had a good bond during that time, so working on our own product seemed like a good idea.

Q. What is you goal for Fluent?

A. The main goal with Fluent is to evolve email beyond where it's gotten to today. There has been little innovation around email for over 10 years and in the meantime people's communication styles and workflow have changed dramatically. We're bringing in some of the concepts that people have developed from SMS, Twitter and Facebook in order to make your email simpler, faster and more conversational. Real communication. We then plan to build on top of this platform to offer more ways to communicate with the people who matter to you.

I have been longing for this interview for many weeks, so I was very happy when I actually got to do this with Cameron. Like I said in my Fluent post I am really excited about this product and I am expecting big things from this team.

Thanks Cameron,