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Interview with Ken Segall...

Another amazing interview today, and it is via...

Sometimes I really can't believe that I have the honor of talking to people I admire, it is astounding. Today we have an interview with a real star from the tech world! Ken Segall is "a creative director who’s had more than a few adventures in technology marketing, including branding, product naming and strategy. I have a long history with Apple and NeXT." (got that from his blog which you should definitely check out!)

Enjoy...[or else :)]

Q. How/when/why did you get involved with Apple?

A. I was friends with the great advertising writer Steve Hayden in Los Angeles. He was the ad agency creative director for Apple (creator of Apple's famous "1984" commercial that introduced the original Macintosh), and he offered me a job. So I moved from NY to LA to work on Apple. However, this was when John Sculley was the CEO of Apple. Two years later, I was offered a job back in NY to work at the agency for NeXT — which was Steve Jobs' new computer company. I took that job, and that when I first met Steve Jobs. I created the advertising for NeXT for eight years. Then, a few years later, when Steve Jobs returned to become Apple's leader once again, I joined Apple's agency to work with him once again. Whew! That's a lot of moving around. But the result was that I was finally involved with Apple with Steve Jobs at the head of the company.

Q. If you had to make one prediction of what a future Apple product will be, what would you predict?

A. I'm one of those people who believes that the next Apple product will be the Apple television set. TVs now are in need of a big revolution, and Apple seems to be the only company that can shake up a whole product category like that. I think that when the Apple TV arrives, it will shock a lot of people by fitting so easily into our lives. No more complicated setup. A lot of people will say, "Wow, why didn't anyone think of that before?"

Q. In your mind, what is the key to success?

A. As you may know, I just wrote a book called Insanely Simple. It just came out on April 26th. It's about the one thing that I believe separates Apple from everybody else: the obsession with simplicity. I believe this has been the key to Apple's success and I believe it can be the key to anyone's success. Don't ever let things get too complicated. When companies get bigger, they usually start making things more difficult. Steve Jobs was incredibly good at keeping things simple. He didn't like committees and he kept the work processes inside Apple very simple.

Q. What can we expect from you in the future?

A. Now that my book is out, I will be speaking to different companies and organizations about how they can use the power of simplicity to help people become more productive, and reach their goals more quickly. Next month I'm headed to Tokyo and London, and then I will start traveling around the U.S. to spread the message.

Q. If you could say one thing to your thirteen year old self, what would it be and why?

A. It's really important to find the thing you love to do in life, and then try to make a career of that. However, at age 13, I don't think it's a good idea to put pressure on yourself to find out what that thing is. You're old enough to know what kinds of things you enjoy, though, so you should keep developing your skills in those things. You're at the perfect age to be exploring. Music, computers, art, history, whatever it is that makes you curious — explore it further. Dig deeper. Most important, never stop asking questions. Steve Jobs once told me that the smartest people never stop asking questions. When he interviewed people for a job, he took their questions as a sign of intelligence.

Did you like it? I know you did! That was one of my favorite interviews because Ken actually worked at Apple and has talked to Steve Jobs!

I would really like to thank Ken for his commitment to this blog, and to the interview! Anyone who reads this must click on this link, and read up on his new book, and hopefully purchase a copy.

Thanks Ken,