This is! Founded by David Silverman, this site is mainly dedicated to interviewing the best and brightest of the technology world. However, this site often veers from its intended purpose to discuss everything from basketball to rap music. Enjoy!

Interview with instantbight?

Recently, I was asked to do an interview on a design blog called Acrylo. Acrylo is a site that is made by Brennan Letkeman, a designer and 3D modeller. I of course agreed to do the interview, as I have always wanted to play not he other side of the interview. I love asking questions but from this experience I can say that answering them is just as enjoyable.

So here it is...the interview with me.

So I’m here with David, who’s in grade eight, and he’s an interviewer and blogger for instantbight, which is something he started – tell me David, how did this all come about?

It is really a corny story. I was walking in the woods with my mom and dad and they were talking about colleges for my brother and jobs for my sister. I was hearing so much about the “real world.” I thought to myself…why does the real world have to start off with your graduation from college? Why can’t an eighth grader get a head start. So on the way home from the hike I said…I am going to start a blog. After hearing only words of encouragement from my parents I made From there the blog moved from reviews to designs, to my current format of interviews.

Are you looking into journalism as a potential career thing?

It’s funny you asked! My brother is actually considering that route but I am more interested in design and entrepreneurial work. I really want to do something creative, something that keeps my attention (and hopefully makes some cash) :) .

Grade eight. What’s it like being so young and swimming with everyone else in the internet? Any specific advantages or disadvantages that you’ve found?

It is amazing. I think I am at a huge advantage! One thing that I can say is that being an eighth grader and all is that I have no shame in contacting people who won’t contact back. People are on one side or the other. They either like the fact that I am young or they don’t. But over all I think my age is a benefit.

It says you’re a dragon slayer. Skyrim? What else have you been playing lately / excited to come out?

I actually don’t have any video games. Never have and probably never will. The dragon slayer occupation is really just because I think dragons are cool but still reek too much havoc on villages. In my spare time I watch a lot of TV and play a lot of basketball.

What do you like most about interviewing people?

I like seeing what people say when they are asked questions. Questions are really amazing but answers are even more interesting. I love to meet(email with) new people and interviewing is a great way to do that!

Awesome. Well, thanks for coming out and sharing, David.

Thanks so much!

Well that's it! I hope you liked that. A preview for tomorrow interview with Jon Gold. Get excited!