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Interview with Ethan Marcotte...

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Today's interview is with a real celebrity in the web design world. An up and coming way of designing a website is the use of adaptive fit. Adaptive fit, or responsive design is...

A website that responds to the device that accesses it and delivers the appropriate output for it uses responsive design.

Ethan Marcotte, is the man responsible for this new movement. I am so happy I got to interview him...

Q. How did you get into web design?

A. I became a web designer almost by accident. In fact, when I started working online, most of my friends and colleagues didn’t intend to start a career on the web. They sort of fell into it. For me, I’d started designing websites in college, and then took a web job after school while I decided what to do with my life. Needless to say, I got hooked.

Q. What, in your mind, makes design amazing?

A. I’m never as happy (or as terrified) as when I realize I have no idea how to do something. And designing for the web offers me those moments in spades, daily.

Q. How/why/when did you come up with adaptive fit/responsive design? 

A. Well, I don’t know as there was really one singular moment when it happened, or really even one specific reason for it. Responsive design’s really a new name for a lot of old ways of thinking about the web, and a lot of things were swirling in my head when I coined the term: from John Allsopp’s “A Dao of Web Design” to my passion for flexible interfaces; to things I’ve read about interactive architecture and the need for economies of scale; to the explosion of mobile devices and the need to design across these dozens and dozens of contexts. It’s not the only way to design beyond the desktop, but the projects I’m most excited about these days are responsive.

Q. Right now, what is your main goal?

A. To work on projects that excite and confound me, while working with people who teach me things. To spend more time with friends.

Q. If you could buy anything, at anytime, anywhere, what would it be and why?

A. How much for a year without email? I’d love one of those.

For Ethan's wallapaper I wanted to try to attempt a new design. Here is what I came up with. You can buy it here.

Thanks Ethan!