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Top 5 of Kickstarter...

1. XOXO Festival - Andy Baino, and Andy McMillan

XOXO is a celebration of disruptive creativity. We want to take all the independent artists using the Internet to make a living doing what they love — the makers, craftspeople, musicians, filmmakers, comic book artists, game designers, hardware hackers — and bring them together with the technologists building the platforms that make it possible. If you have an audience and a good idea, nothing’s standing in your way.

2. Scanbox - Phil Bosua

Scanbox is an easy to use, affordable and unbelievably portable scanning box that uses your smartphone's camera to take amazing high quality scans. It's easy to set up and packs down flat to easily fit into your bag or brief case.

3. SoundJaw - Matthew McLachlan
The sleekest and smallest sound enhancer on the market. From the maker of SoundJaw, SoundJaw Unlimited is the sequel to a great product (SoundJaw). The newest iteration is now smaller but with a bigger and better sound boost. The speakers on most tablets and phones are located on the back or the sides of the device. This makes for a lot of lost volume. The SoundJaw gathers up the sound and spits it back into your face.... just where you want it.
4. Hickies - Mariquel & Gaston

You want to ditch your shoelaces. We know and feel your pain. Laces come undone and get filthy, you step on them and trip, and you've spent countless hours tying and untying them. Shoelaces have been around since about 3500 BC – technology has improved almost everything else and yet here we are still, with the same basic system invented by cavemen!

5. The Swap-O-Matic - Lina Fenequito
The Swap-O-Matic is a vending machine that allows users to swap and trade, rather than buy. It’s currently located at Ample Hills Creamery, an ice cream shop in Brooklyn, NY. This project co-ops the form of a vending machine, which is usually associated with instant gratification and convenient consumption, to promote a more sustainable alternative to buying things new, raise awareness about conscious consumption, and make swapping fun!
So that is my top 5! All of these projects are truly amazing, and have real potential, in my opinion.
The success that these projects are living, really makes me feel hopeful for the future that I am growing into.
Kickstarter, I love you!
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