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Interview with Dave Gamache...

Finally after a long week, Saturday has rolled around. Today's interview is with Dave Gamache. Dave is a designer for Twitter, and a really talented one at that. Dave's blog is really one of the best designs I have seen in a long time. If I could ever get to look that good, I would be one happy camper. So here you go...

Q. What is the key to great design?
A. A truly great design has two components. First, it must address a problem that people face. This problem can be severe or trivial, but the design must be rooted in something real. Secondly, it must solve the problem with a simple solution. More often that not, well-designed products don't require a 100 page instruction manual, but can just be picked up and used.
Q. What is it like working at Twitter?
A. Working at Twitter is fantastic. What's not to love? I love the passionate talented people. I love the product. I love my day-to-day work. I love San Francisco. It's a remarkable place to be right now.
Q. What computer do you use and why?
A. I use a MacBook Air and iMac combo. I spend most of my time on the Air, but jump onto the iMac for serious Photoshopping and the occasional game of Starcraft. At first I was nervous about having two machines since keeping them in sync could be a nightmare, but the magic of Git and Dropbox has made working between two machines completely seamless. That said, the Air plus a monitor would be an equally perfect setup.
Q. What would you tell your eighth grade self, if you could talk to him?
A. "Buckle up...Halo is going to change your life." Just kidding. The best advice I pass on to a younger me would be "do what makes you happy." The earlier in life you realize that only you can define success for yourself, the sooner you will find happiness. Until recently, I worked really hard with the goal of being wealthy and respected, but fortunately I found out those aren't the things that make me happy. Solving problems, travelling and meeting new people is what really makes me happy.
Q. What is your dream car?
A. Tough question, but I'm going to have to go with a 1984 Astro van that's been on "Pimp my Ride" and tricked out for a kid who loves video games. Nothing sounds better than cruising with friends and playing Halo in a car that looks like a tipped over refrigerator. 
I wanted to incorporate some of Dave's outlooks on life into his desktop background. If you like it enough, buy it here for $.99.
Thanks Dave,
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