I love t-shirts...

T-shirts are literally all I wear. Despite of the occasional plaid shirt, t-shirts are really my "main staple." Recently I received the first two t-shirts I designed. The "press work" was done by Custom InkI like Custom Ink for their short turn around time, and quality printing.

The first t-shirt was not for me. My cousin, runs his own YouTube channel called buttwatergaming. He does video game reviews, and all sorts of other cool stuff. Here is the design I made for him.

More importantly, here is the shirt...

Pretty good, if I do say so myself. Also I made a instantbight t-shirt. And it looks great!

I love this shirt, and I really liked designing these t-shirts. If you want me to make you a t-shirt or you want a instantbight t-shirt, let me know: instantbight@me.com.

More interviews to come!