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Interview with Kerem Suer...

Today's interview is with Kerem Suer! Kerem is the most talented product designer I have encountered. His sense of making products both effective, and beautiful is outrageous and really inspiring. If I had one half of the knowledge this fellow has I would be almost as happy as Tim Cook was, on All Things D, two nights ago. :)

Q.  How/Why/When did you get into designing?

A. I think I officially got into design when I was in college. I started college majoring in Computer Science. It took me a semester to understand staring at the code wasn’t for me. At that time we had a brand new major at our school called Interactive Digital Imaging. And my advisor happened to be the professor who led that major. So now that I’m thinking, he was the reason I got into design. I also minored in Photography, which was funnily what I was most passionate about. After I graduated from school I decided to try to weigh things in real life, so I moved to California where I found my first design job. 

Q.  What did you want to be when you grew up, as a kid?

A. Well, I think I had phases. When I was little, I was very fascinated by cars. It has to be something with the way they move, the way they’re faster than bikes with almost no physical effort. So I always wanted to be a driver. Funny thing, I hate cars now and I don’t own one. My wife however has one, so I get to drive that on longer road trips. When I was not so little but still a kid I wanted to be a sailor, maybe because my parents signed me up to sailing classes when I was 8. So that’s all I did up to when I was 18. 

Q.  What type of computer do you use and why?    

A. I’m using a 15” MacBook Pro with a 27” Apple Display. MacBook Pro allows me to travel and work, and is a powerful laptop overall. The large cinema display is for things like designing for retina display interfaces. 

Q. Room, desk and car. Which do you clean first and why?

  A. I think room (office) and desk comes first. My personal style has always been minimal and clean, I know it’s weird but I feel like I can’t design clean interfaces without having a clean desk. When I sometimes (or often) hit that designer’s block, I step back, clean my desk spotless, take a long walk with the pup, come back and dive right back into my projects. This tends to work for me so far. I don’t have a car, but I do have a little Vespa scooter, which I don’t wash very often. (Guilty as charged) 

Q. I have a new puppy, what is your biggest piece of advice for training?    

A. Well, first of, congratulations. Secondly, I’m sorry :) You’re going to be a tired young man during the puppyhood. I think the biggest advice is “consistency”. You’re trying to communicate with an animal without knowing her language, so you guys are going to meet in the middle. She’ll learn your patterns and you will learn hers. You have to be very consistent with what you teach her, if she’s not allowed to do a certain thing, you have to let her understand, again and again. Lucky enough, dogs are very smart animals, so they learn fast. It’s easy to get frustrated when she poops in the middle of your most favorite rug, she just doesn’t know better, so that’s why she needs you to teach her. Good luck and shoot me any questions if you need help! 

I might take him up on that offer! My pup is great, and I would love to train him really well!

Here is the desktop I designed for can buy it here.

Thanks a billion Kerem!