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Just Browsing...

Here it is edition two of...Just Browsing. Today I want to focus on some of my website envy.

Here are the top ten websites, that I love, but at the same time hate because they look so dang great.


This website is really a dream. The colors, the simplicity, everything is just so brilliant. I love the "animations" that occur when you mouse over icons. I also adore the puppy on the home screen.

2. Fancy

When I first saw this site, I was speechless. It was so unique in the way you navigate in it. The illustrations are amazing, and the animations are boss as well.

3. Tyler

The reason I love this website is for the way it comes off. It seems almost retro to me, and also very simple. I love the old-fashioned logo up top.

4. Visual Supply. Co

This site is not only beautiful but also makes amazing products. I cannot wait until they offer their own hosting service. It is sure to be great! The company also makes a wonderful iPhone app for editing photos.

5. Dave

Dave Gamache is a really talented designer. I interviewed him pretty recently. I really love his site. The scrolling animations are great and the big header images are really sweet.

6. Full Stop

Full Stop Interactive, a small web design firm in Pittsburgh, PA, has a sick site. I'm not surprised seeing as though their work is outstanding. I love how it is a one page design, and that the background is different colored paper textures.


Dustin Curtis a very talented designer, has a blog on the Svbtle Network. I love how straight forward the design is and the "kudos" feature.

8. Riley

Riley Cran is a really tented illustrator and designer who actually works with Tyler Galpin on the Lost Type Co-op. I love his portfolio site!

9. Casey

Casey Britt is an extremely talented web designer and a huge lover of the movie Office Space. I love the fact that he designed his site to be used on an iPad.

10. Trent

Trent Walton founder, and web designer of Paravel has one of my favorite sites as each blog post has a very unique look!

From viewing all the sites I have realized that the real way to capture your audience through the web is a balance of simplicity and functionality. Your blog should be extremely easy to use and navigate but should wow your user around every corner. I can't wait till I have accomplished this challenging feat.


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