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Interview with Jeff Ward(@jeffio)...

Today is Saturday, and my jam for this weekend is possibly the only dub-step song I love. Damage Intended by Gramtik is like retro techno. I absolutely love it.

Today's interview is the first that has come from the Maybe You... option on the List. Jeff K. Ward, is the father of two awesome boys, one of which is my interview for tomorrow, has co-published a book called Energize Your Entrepreneurial Spirit, is the founder of Intigi, and designs web apps.

Q. When/Where/Why/How did you start doing web design?

A. I started doing web design when I was 16 years old in high school. I wanted to be a doctor all my life until I was 17 and somebody paid me money to create them a website. When I was in 12th grade I registered my first web design business and haven't looked back.

Q. What computer do you use and why?

A. I use an iMac and I also have a MacBook pro for when I'm traveling. I used to be a PC guy but I switched 5 years ago because Mac apps looked prettier and also I can test my designs on PC/Mac on the same machine using VirtualBox.

Q. Why did you decide to contact me?

A. I was inspired by your story and how you were so young and making waves in the tech community for your interviews. I got a start in the web scene at a young age as well and I remember being bit by that bug. Hearing of what you're doing put a smile on my face and inspired me to reach out. I'll follow your progress and if you need anything just let me know.

Q. What are you currently working on?

A. I am working on Intigi — and I am co-founder and designer there. We have built a tool that helps business find relevant content in their niche and share it out to multiple social media destinations.

Q. What in your opinion, is the hardest challenge of starting a new business?

A. Coming from a design/coding background, one thing challenging for me is marketing. It's one of the reasons we built Intigi actually. Keeping up with your social sharing and interactions is key in today's world.

Great start to the weekend! It is sunny, and instantbight is happy. Here is the desktop that I made for Jeff! Purchase here.

Thanks Jeff!