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Meet Echograph...

When it comes to apps I am not easily impressed. Today, one class of apps that don't ever seem up to par are video editing apps. All of the interfaces are confusing, messy, and the apps themselves are definitely not worth their money.

At last, I have found the one video editing/creating app I would buy and use almost every day.

Meet Echograph...

Echograph is an app that allows you to create animated GIFs and MP4s. The process of creating an Echograph involves...

  1. Start by capturing a video with your iPad's camera or importing a clip from your iPad's photo library.
    1. createlib.gif
  2. Trim the duration to less than five seconds. Try to make a perfect blend of the start and end frames to create the illusion of an infinite loop.
    1. trim.gif
  3. Select a photographic still frame from the video. For best results, focus on freezing areas of movement or blurred actions.
    1. still.gif
  4. Magically paint with your original video to sprinkle action into the still image. Toggle between a live preview or mask for more detailed work.

    1. mask.gif
  5. Brag by posting Echographs to Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr.
    1. share.gif

This app, in my opinion, is amazing! This situation really shows how strong of a position Apple has.

How's that?

Well this app is only out for iPad not for any Android tablets. This app is so well crafted and has such high reviews and it can only be used for Apple products. So wherever Echograph is featured, Apple is featured as well. Now just think of all the amazing apps that are either; created just for iOS products, or are released for iOS only in their first few months(this is the time when they would get the most press.). Pretty astounding!

I love this app, and I love that it can only be used on an iPad.