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I have some questions...

After watching WWDC two days ago, I was overly impressed by the amount of new products Apple had in store. I was wowed by the new Macbook, along with iOS 6. But throughout the whole program I definitely had some questions.

  • Why didn't the presenters make a big deal of releasing Siri to the iPad?

As the presentation at WWDC carried on, and the time for Siri came in, a whole slew of new features of shown and told to the crowd. And as the applause built up, and sustained for many minutes, Scott Forstall, said, really slipped in, that Siri would be available for the iPad. I don't quite understand why in the world there wouldn't have been a demo on an iPad to show how cool this product is across all platforms. When Siri first came out for the iPhone, everyone was talking about how great it was. But everyone was also saying, where is it going to go next. This is the next home for Siri and I can't put my finger on the reason there wasn't a bigger deal made.

  • Why does Siri look the way it does on an iPad?

As you can see in this picture, when you access Siri from an iPad it does not take up the whole screen as it does on an iPhone. I guess there are a couple reasons why Apple would do this. Number one they could be trying to have Siri on the iPad work more as a "multi-tasking" feature so that you can look at what you working on while using Siri.

Another reason for this size could be to give a hint at an iPhone 5 with a larger screen. According to Gotta Be Mobile:

the Siri dialogue box from the mockup is noticeably taller at (roughly) 1058 px compared to the iPhone’s 960 px tall display.

Could this be a hint? Who knows.

  • Why was the Smart Case not talked about?

After WWDC I tuned into one of my favorites blogs: Minimally Minimal. Andrew Kim, author of this cool blog, had a review up of the new Smart Case. What's the Smart Case, you might be thinking? Well up until reading this post I had no idea what it was either. At first glance this looks like a classic, simple, awesome Apple accessory.

Andrew, on the other hand has other things to say about this product. And I have to say, I think I believe him.

This case sucks. It might be the worst product I have ever bought from Apple.

The first flaw is that the hinge is just a thin material, which makes it droop when in typing position.

I had high hopes for this case but it's simply lacking in proper execution. This is the first time I’ve ever been disappointed this badly by an Apple product. I’m returning it tomorrow.

From the pictures in the post, all of his accusations seem valid. Maybe this is why Apple didn't say anything about this case.

Well that's all. If you work at Apple and would like to answer these questions, or if you don't work at Apple and you would like to answer these questions email me!