I have been thinking...

One day while playing basketball I was thinking about creativity and it's relation to age. I was thinking about how as your age increases your creativity definitely decreases. This is just some "possible" data for an "average" person.

After reviewing those numbers, I saw how ages 0-10 had the highest creativity. That made sense but I thought how this age's creativity is so chaotic and very unorganized and really their sense of reality is very minimal.

So as you have seen in the past two charts, I highlighted the ages of 15, 20, 25. This, in my opinion is where creative, smart, business can be created. This is the age where a person's creativity is well balanced with their sense of reality and really their common sense.

Now get me straight, creativity is very personal. I completely believe that a 80 year old person can come up with a revolutionary idea.

What I am saying is that, the age of 15, 20, 25 are ages that would allow an idea to grow and be nurtured properly and in a time frame that could create a job for a person.

I may be crazy, but hey, Steve Jobs said:

"Here's to the crazy ones."