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I recently got a Facebook. One thing that I can say right now is that this social network is extremely addictive. But yesterday I found something, or should I say someone who again, has true talent.

Dakota Adney is a 17-year-old film maker from Tusla, Oklahoma.

I first found Dakota when someone shared his iPhone 5 Commercial on Facebook. I watched the video immediately.


After seeing this video I went on a hunt for more videos from this stellar guy! Everything I found blew me away, especially this promo video for the Macbook Air.


I truly believe that this guy right here has talent, and more than talent he has a real understanding of the Apple concept.

His videos in  my opinion could easily be Apple advertisements, and not only that they would be good Apple ads.

I have reached out to Dakota to do an interview so hopefully we can add him to the list in the near future!