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Nike iD KD 4...

I recently purchased a pari of basketball shoes for summer ball and next year's season. But these are no ordinary shoes...

These are the Nike iD KD 4 shoes, and oh are they awesome. This design uses the Year of The Dragon Theme which is why the detailing is a little different.

For example on the back there is a dragon looping in and out of the KD logo. This might be my favorite design part of the shoe.

The strap provides a more "snug" fit, and it keeps all of your laces compact and in place. With the Year of the Dragon theme the strap becomes striped and wavy as shown here.

The bottom of the shoe does attract a lot of dust on indoor courts which decreases traction, but works really well outside. I love the thunder bolts, and all of the signatures and messages.

Everything feels very solid on this shoe. From the hardware at the end of the strap to the "responsive" foot bed. I really like the low top feel, it is really light, and very durable.

I can't wait to use these shoes in a game situation! They are really fantastic.