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Don't be evil...

Currently all of you reading this are either at a desk, inside, or by a pool with your laptop. Right now, I am probably playing basketball or sailing on a lake at my camp. But no worries, I still think this post will blow your mind. Also happy belated birthday to my bro.

I recently was told of a story about Google that really blew my mind. It blew my mind, not only because of the content but also of the fact that I hadn't heard about it.

Basically the story goes like this...Google has something called Street View where you can see and manipulate pictures of streets taken buy actual cars at some other date. These cars that have to take the pictures drive up and down roads all over the world. Now that doesn't sound bad at all right?

Well it turns out that these cars were not only taking high speed pictures of the road in front of them. They were also hacking into houses and people's WiFi networks and stealing all of their internet browsing history and data.

Now when I heard this I said, "what?"

This is really a crazy story, and in my opinion shows Google's "true colors."

This company is not out to make the world of search a better place, in fact they are trying to do quite the opposite. They are trying to get an illegal "leg-up" on the competition, and oh is it illegal.

I think in the future people will see, and hear a lot more about Google's mischievous work, and then Larry Page will really have to ask himself, is "don't be evil" the right slogan for us.

My answer: no it is not.


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